...And Justice for All

Format DVD Video Type Movie
Length 119 minutes Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Year 1979 Library Index A03:005
Amazon Rating IMDb Rating 7.2 
Director(s) Norman Jewison  Cast John Forsythe  - Judge Henry T. Fleming
Christine Lahti  - Gail Packer
Al Pacino  - Arthur Kirkland
Lee Strasberg  - Sam Kirkland
Jeffrey Tambor  - Jay Porter
Jack Warden  - Judge Francis Rayford
Synopsis Arthur Kirkland, an idealistic defense attorney in Baltimore, cares about his clients and visits his aging grandfather, who put him through law school, every week. Things aren't going well for Arthur: two of his clients are increasingly desperate, neither should be in prison, his partner is behaving bizarrely, he's begun an affair with an attorney who's on the bar's disciplinary committee, his favorite judge may have a death wish, and then, the judge he dislikes most, a by-the-book martinet, demands that Arthur defend him when he's accused of a brutal assault on a young woman. Is there any way to expose real corruption and find justice for all?
Oscar Wins 1980 Best Actor in a Leading Role - Al Pacino
Nominations 1980 Oscar: Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen - Valerie Curtin & Barry Levinson