From the Earth to the Moon (1993)
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Jules Verne
Publication Date 1993
Format Leather-bound
Publisher The Easton Press
Genre Science Fiction
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Series Masterpieces of Science Fiction
Paper Type Acid-neutral paper
First Edition No
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Novel by Jules Verne, published as De la Terre a la Lune (1865) and also published as The Baltimore Gun Club and The American Gun Club. Although the novel was subtitled Trajet direct en 97 heures 20 minutes ("Direct Passage in Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes"), the actual journey to the Moon was depicted in the book's sequel, Autour de la Lune (1870; Round the Moon). From the Earth to the Moon concerns a group of obsessive American Civil War veterans, members of the Baltimore Gun Club, who conceive the idea of creating an enormous cannon in order to shoot a "space-bullet" to the Moon from a site in Florida.
Copyright: Air Programs International. DCR 1969; PUB 1Jan69; REG 12May88; PA404-179. Based on the original story by Jules Verne, 1828-1905. Reference source used: COPICS data base. Received: 7-20-90; viewing copy; copyright deposit--MPA; Copyright Collection.