The Time Machine (1995)
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H. G. Wells
Publication Date 1995
Format Leather-bound
Publisher The Easton Press
Genre Science Fiction
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Series Masterpieces of Science Fiction
Paper Type Acid-neutral paper
First Edition No
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Rating 9
The Time Machine launched H.G. Wells’s career and still remains his best-known work. The story follows the Time Traveler who goes more than eight hundred thousand years into the future to discover what will happen to the human race. He finds humans are divided into two groups: those who live idyllically, and those who do the work; travelling even farther into the future, the traveler then observes the physical limitations of both the human species and the planet itself.

Wells was interested in the implications of evolutionary theory on the future of human beings at the biological, sociological, and cultural levels, and The Time Machine, short and readable, draws on many of the social and scientific debates of the time. Extremely popular when it first came out, it remains one of the most often taught books in courses on Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Broadview edition includes materials on Wells’s scientific and political influences.